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Thermal Imaging Partners

Thermal Imaging Partners (TIP) is a 3rd party independent infrared imaging company that covers North America. Our company specializes in performing Infrared electrical switch gears inspections that are often required by property insurance companies. You can make One Call for all your thermal imaging needs.
Thermal Imaging Partners was formed in 2015 to meet the Infrared Inspection needs of large national and international companies that have properties located in multiple locations around the world. Thermal Imaging Partners are all Level III Certified Infrared Thermographers and collectively have over 300 years of experience performing Infrared Inspections. We are the Professionals in the Thermal Imaging field.
Our company founders are professionals in the industry who are performing Thermal scans on electrical switchgear, data centers, mechanical systems, roofs, block walls, energy and water intrusion on a daily basis in North America.
In addition to our partners, we have over 60 Level II and Level III  Thermographers on staff to handle all your property inspection needs across North America. We use utilize high-resolution Infrared cameras to provide superior imaging while documenting in a professional standardized report which will offer you a road map to effective maintenance in your facility. We have a specialist in every application to meet your every need.

Thermal Imaging Partners is capable of handling all your Infrared scan needs. Our Level II and Level III thermographers are some of the best in the world with and years of experience. Let us handle your property insurance Infrared electrical scans. Call us today at 844- TIP SCAN (847-7226) or 1-302-514-1010 to get your thermal imaging scans performed quickly and efficiently.