• Thermal Imaging Conference (TIC)
    TIC is United Infrared’s annual user’s conference and is designed to provide an exciting format for professional development, education, and networking opportunities for all contractors interested in learning the technical and business aspects of contracting thermographic and related services and running a successful business. Register Today!

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Wohler USA

Wohler's guiding principle "The Measure of Technology" shows the distinctive feature of our offer: Customized technology that ensures competitiveness and a leading edge on the market for the customer.

We are a technically oriented, family-owned company operating on an international basis. We develop, produce and market innovative measuring, inspection and cleaning equipment for building services. We place the highest priority on ensuring our products are tailored to the requirements of our customers. That is why we keep close personal contact with the users of our products, who are mainly skilled contractors. As the manufacturer, we are able to offer them unrivaled competence as well as extensive consultancy and training services to create a complete system solution. We offer our customers the most comprehensive solution possible for their application.